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Terms and Conditions

TheBannerFactory.Com Policies Exchange Policy -

TheBannerFactory.Com will happily exchange your products if we determine that it was our fault that you did not receive the product you ordered. All items are custom made therefore we do not allow exchanges or returns. In no event will TheBannerFactory.Com exchange your products because of your typographical, wrong color match, lack of visibility or dislike of the overall look of the product. Request for exchange must be submitted within 48 hours of product delivery.

Return Policy -

Due to the custom nature TheBannerFactory.Com products are not returnable. As stated above, and part of our guarantee we will always exchange products at our cost if we determine that the errors in product or manufacturing were our fault.

Shipping Policy -

TheBannerFactory.Com is in no way responsible for any delays in shipping including local delivery errors or international customs issues. TheBannerFactory.Com will make every effort to rectify the situation where feasible.

Payment Policy –

TheBannerFactory.Com holds the policy to take payment in advance on all orders. Order is defined by a verbal or written commitment to initiate graphic design or printing services. Once that the order process has begun you are responsible for all incurred charges as deemed by TheBannerFactory.Com Exceptions can and may be made by those using an official Purchase Order from their respective company or organization. TheBannerFactory.Com holds all payment information at the highest of confidence. TheBannerFactory.Com accepts payment via credit card, check, and cash.

Payment's Accepted –

TheBannerFactory.Com Currently accepts payment in many forms. Cash, Check, Paypal, Cashier's check and all Major Credit Cards. To Pay Call 1-208-440-7555

Data Transmission –

TheBannerFactory.Com maintains the highest security standards for your personal and confidential data. Although TheBannerFactory.Com has never seen a security breach nor ever anticipate one, the customer releases TheBannerFactory.Com from all damages that could be incurred through the transmission of data via the internet or world wide web.